Who are we?

MMA Mortgages (Mixed Mortgage Associates) are a team of professionals who fight for your best interests. There are hundreds of mortgage products and a variety of lenders all quoting different rates. Our company understands this, so we have simplified the process by creating departments… now that’s simple! Our team is built around agents that are experts in their respective field.

These teams are setup to ensure that you work with the group that understand your needs, and can give you the advice and service you require and deserve.

Our Teams

If you’ve been through the home buying process before, or are new to the game, home buyers can be certain that MMAMortgages.com will work to find you the best home loan solution available. Buying your home can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences in your life, but also one of the most stressful, let us take the stress off.

MMAMortgages.com is here to remove the stress in the home buying process by providing you with the resources home buyers need in obtaining their mortgage. We will be with you every step of the way from the application process to moving day! You can look forward to highly personalized service and the best mortgage rates available!

Refinancing your mortgage is a method for raising money from your property for any reasonable purpose. Many people consider refinancing their mortgage to consolidate existing debts into one manageable monthly mortgage payment or build that dream backyard oasis. By using the available equity in your home, refinancing could be a way of raising additional funds for a number of reasons. You could improve your home, consolidate personal debt or perhaps even considering purchasing a vacation property the choices are endless. Using our service we search our extensive panel of lenders, who are waiting to bring your dream into a reality.

MMAMortgages.com will work closely with you so you will have the mortgage which will best suit your personal needs.

At MMAMortgages.com we help people every day with all sorts of credit issues. We understand that life happens, and we will help you attain your financial goals. Whether you’ve had a bankruptcy, consumer proposal, late credit card payments, collections or are even in arrears with your current mortgage, call to see how we can help.

Our MMAMortgages.com Foreclosure Team will try their best to help you stay in your home! Timing is everything the longer you wait the greater the chances of losing your home become! Call our qualified trained team to help you.

Why would a self employed applicant find it more difficult to meet a lender’s criteria than their employed friends, who may earn less money, but are told they can borrow more? It makes even less sense if you have a clean credit history and have run your own successful business for several years.

MMAMortgages.com realizes that most business owners write off a portion of their income to pay their expenses, or sometimes file their taxes late. That’s OK with the “Self-Employed Program” offered by various lenders, financing a new home or accessing the existing equity just became a lot easier.

MMAMortgages.com will work closely with you so you will have the mortgage which will best suit your personal needs, and relieve the stress associated with the process.

Our Straight forward & Efficient MMAMortgages.com team will assist your company getting the funding you require. Our team will complete a fact find to cover all aspects of your project – from the amount of money you require, to the period of time you’re looking to borrow it for. We will take the guess work out of what you need, we’ll ask specifics about the return of investment on behalf of the lender to ensure no wasted time! We work directly with the Lender, so we know exactly what type of client they are looking for. This saves a lot of time, ensuring a greater success.

MMAMortgages.com are always in your corner right to that final bell!

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