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Our Team

MMA Mortgages (Mixed Mortgage Associates) is a team of professionals who fight for your best interest. There are hundreds of mortgage products and a variety of lenders all quoting different rates. Our company understands this, so we have simplified the process by creating departments… now that’s simple! Our team is built around agents that are experts in their respective field.

These teams are setup to ensure that you work with the group that understand your needs, and can give you the advice and service you require and deserve.

Our Process

We strive to achieve not only the best rate for you, but also the best terms and pre-payment options available. We truly believe that everyone is different, realizing that every client is unique in their personal needs. Our licensed and trained professionals will work closely with you ensuring that you will be 100% satisfied with your mortgage.

Our model is simple, once you made contact with us, let us assist and coach you through the process. We fight for you from the moment you contact us, its that simple.

With You Get The Best Of Everything

Quality Lenders

Best Rates

Best Repayment Options

Sound Financial Advice

Word From Our Customers

  • “MMA was very helpful in getting us our new mortgage and obtaining us a great interest rate. Thank you guys.”

    Sharon H.
  • “MMA Mortgages are very patient and answer all your questions. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a mortgage or mortgage advice.”

    James H.
  • “I would like to thank MMA very much for sweating the delivery and making things happen. You are the 'go to guys' that provide excellent service, seeing the deal to the end. I am very appreciative of the end result! Thank again and all the best!”

    E. Smith
  • “Our property was on the verge of being taken from the lender when our broker really helped us out. They saved us from losing everything, thanks again for everything.”

    John M.
  • “These guys are the real deal! They not only got us the best rate, but they met with us numerous times and made understand what we were doing every step of the way. I will recommend them to anyone!”

    Tony M.
  • “I called MMA for a quote, not only did they BEAT my best rate they guided me right to the end. A1 service, and A1 knowledge. The dudes know their stuff!!!”

    Florin F.
  • “Didn't have to worry about a thing, I used them on my first house purchase, and now my second. I didn't have to do much, they did all the leg work.”

    Mike B.
  • “Thank you very much to Peter Prinzi for great help in assisting me with obtaining a new first mortgage. He was very patient and informative which eased the entire process.”

    Hanna G.
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